Modern toilet restaurant, one of the few bizarre themed restaurant in the country, i had to check it out since it is so famous in the internet.

There was a minimum charge of 80TWD per guest, which you can get a serve of vanilla ice-cream

Hot pot in a toilet bowl,,,hmmm..

Mozzarella stick in bidet

It might sound gross to incorporate toilet themed restaurant and the food was a lil pricy, once was enough, it was a good experience.


This is Taichung, central Taiwan, the origin of bubble milk tea ;)

It's still coffee.

Dried goods

BBQ wild boar

Walked pass a market place selling seafood, chicken and other products.

This rather unique, the chef was a Cordon Bleu alumi and created a this stuffed chicken wing. Crispy skin, sweet and salty rice stuffing with chili powder.

HSR bullet train from Taichung to Taipei only 58minutes.

Wasn't expecting a crowd up in the mountain.

Stinky tofu, its everywhere you go

This is caramelized peanut, its shaved and wrap in crepe and top with a scoop of ice-cream.


Taiwan Taipei, fun Taiwan... What a lovely country to visit for a holiday, unfortunately it was a rainy winter in December, regardless of the bad weather food were abundance, restaurants, cafe, street food were everywhere. First meal we had was in a Hakka restaurant located near our hotel

Glutinous rice flour with pork stuffing, clear broth with coriander.

Duck noodles more coriander.

古早咸猪肉盖饭 - authentic salted pork rice? haha, but seriously it was tasty. And more .. coriander, they seem to love coriander, i dont mind, i like it.

mochi covered with peanut powder.

仕林夜市 Shilin night market was so crowded on a Sunday night.

Tang hu lu - candied fruits

Wow frog eggs?? nah it's actually pearl milk tea

Aiyu jelly

Not sure what to drink? No problem! here's the menu take your time, plenty to choose from.

Grilled mushroom with a selection of sauce to go with

Very fresh and juicy mushrooms. I chose only salt and pepper, wanted to taste its natural flavors.

This night market is packed~! don't go there on weekends, its at crawling level on weekends.

So back in Taipei main station we saw people queuing to get something, obviously with a queue that long, its gotta be something awesome, of course we were curious to check it out ourselves. Turns out to be a famous Japanese franchise cheese cake, one store one item, nothing else.

12 cakes baked fresh every 15 minutes. Only one purchase per person, that's what building the line. 18cm diameter cheese cake for 20ringgit, why not give it a shot.


... so the cake was light and airy, could hear micro bubbles burst while slicing into it, cheese was perfect, mild and eggy. If your a diehard fan of cheese cake, go queue up its definitely worth waiting for it;)